Thank You AIDA World Championship Medical Team!

Published: 23/11/2021


During the recent AIDA Depth World Championship Limassol 2021, the AIDA Medical & Science Committee provided medical assistance for all the participating athletes and crewmembers.

The medical team consisted of:

  • Dr. Oleg Melikhov – Medical and Science Officer
  • Jeroen Van Haudt – Medical COS
  • George Evripidou – Paramedic
  • Sam Van Cauter – Paramedic

The medical team’s main task was a valuable one. In addition to being present and vigilant during every official die, each member needed to be ready to provide out-of-water assistance at a moment`s notice. The team also followed up with athletes after their dives, applied post-black out protocol, communicated with local medical doctors, and cleared athletes for competition.

After hours consisted of follow-up on minor injuries like blisters and abrasions, as well as participation in Event Committee meetings. Each member`s days were filled until the evening hours.

An AIDA Medical Responder is bound to a set of protocols. For depth events, these include the Standard Medical Rescue Protocol, the Emergency Rescue and Evacuation Plan, and the AIDA Depth World Championship Medical Action Plan. These are the official documents that are approved by the members of the Medical & Science Committee and the AIDA Board.

Combined with the common field knowledge of our experienced team and the application of the Freedive Emergency Medical Responder Course Content, this year’s event was the most prepared for severe respiratory or cardiac incidents.

Thankfully, none of these skills were required during any of the 303 official competition dives.

Kudos to the team! 

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