Paralenz Helps Keep World Championship Fair

Published: 29/10/2021

Paralenz Bottom Plate Footage Still.png

Paralenz, a Danish start-up specialized in technical solutions for underwater activities, equipped AIDA with eight Vaquita cameras for the AIDA Depth World Championship Limassol 2021.

These cameras were used to monitor the bottom plates to verify all the athletes dives at the end of each event. The combined battery life and card size provided approximately two and a half hours of quality footage per camera, and each was replaced during the breaks for continuous monitoring of the tags.

In addition to videoing dive attempts, Paralenz’s Vaquita cameras also recorded their present depth to ensure accurate judging, as well as the temperature of the water.

 Watch bottom plate footage from the world championship here:

The Paralenz Vaquita is also a great camera for recreational dives and training.

Technical Specs:

  • Intuitive Handling
  • True Color OLED Display
  • Intelligent Color Correction
  • Resolution Flexibility
  • Integrated GPS Sensor
  • Ultra Light-Sensitive Lens
  • Auto-Record Function
  • Waterproof Down to 350m/1150ft
  • Connect with free Paralenz App

Looking to use the Paralenz Vaquita to capture your own underwater exploration, the camera is now available to rent in Florida and Italy for a total cost of only a few bucks a day. More information on how to rent, visit

Discover Paralenz cameras here: 

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