Vote results for the Competition Rules (August 2017)

Published: 30/08/2017

Number of valid votes: 10

Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, UK.


Number of invalid (late) votes: 1



Number of countries not voting: 25

Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Rep, , Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark Greece, Israel, Serbia, Slovenia,  Switzerland, Mexico, Korea, Latvia, Spain China, New Zealand, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Germany, UK, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela.    


Vote: Freediving Rules for Competitions and Records (August 2017)


YES votes

NO votes




Result: with 2 YES votes and 8 NO votes, the proposed rules document is NOT approved.


Vote counters: Olivia Motus- Jaquier and Alexandru Ursu-Vlagea


Based on the Assembly discussions we conclude this reselt is not necessarily due to the content of the proposed rules, but mainly to the form of the vote request; more precisely to the fact that:
1) Assembly received the full document instead of receiving only the proposed changes; 
2) Assembly did not have the option to vote each change (affecting the competition) separately.
We also noted that a period of more than 1 year between the collaborative work on the rules and the proposed vote is too long and we'll target a shorter cycle. 
We'll come back with a revised proposal to address the above points

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