Thank you 2023 & Welcome 2024!

Published: 22/12/2023

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This year equipped over 35K new freedivers with skills to explore and protect the oceans and seas.

More than 5K athletes participated in 288 AIDA competitions in over 50 different countries, adding their scores to AIDA’s ranking and exceeding the limits. These competitions saw 11K starts, 12 AIDA World Records, 29 AIDA Continental, 498 National Records and attracted spectators from all over the world. 
A special shout-out to the two athletes who topped AIDA Overall Rankings for Pool and Depth combined in 2023. These rankings are calculated by adding each athlete`s best results in each of the eight AIDA freediving disciplines. 

Even both AIDA Freediving World Championships 2023 had a record number of participants from over 40 countries! Relive the excitement and happiness from the AIDA Depth World Championship Limassol 2023 and the AIDA Pool World Championship Jeju 2023 now!

AIDA`s Goals for 2024

As we enter 2024, the new AIDA Board, supported by Mohamed, Marcel, and committees, will continue to focus on making freediving a fully recognized sport.

One of the burning issues carried into 2024 is anti-doping and the ongoing fight for true freediving and preserving its essence – to be free from any enhancements. The AIDA Assembly has already begun adopting WADA’s official anti-doping rules and procedures, putting AIDA one step closer to becoming a WADA signatory. A survey about the presence of performance-enhancing substances (PEDs) in freediving competitions is planned for January.

Next year, AIDA also plans to continue extending the freediving family, providing the best education and competition organization, and attracting new members to the AIDA Assembly. AIDA will also continue to set the standards for freediving with new AIDA Judge and Competition Safety courses available soon!

Additional tasks planned for 2024 are the improvement of promotion for competitions and AIDA instructors and the necessary support for global AIDA competitions. This support includes the pinnacle events of the season, the AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024 in June and the AIDA Depth World Championship Ajaccio 2024 in September.

We hope to see you there!

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