Published: 07/07/2022


AIDA is looking for editors to be involved in a number of ongoing translation projects.

You will be provided with some text in English and a translation in one or more languages you are familiar with. Your job will be to check the quality of these translations and improve them if needed, ensuring that they remain consistent with the original content.

Languages of interest are:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • German
  • Russian

The material to be edited ranges from online exams, classroom slides and forms to student manuals (a sample will be provided upon evaluating your applications).


  • Excellent knowledge of English plus one or more of the languages mentioned above.
  • Being an AIDA freediving instructor (applications from non-AIDA instructors may be considered exceptionally).
  • Previous experience with editing/translation of educational material is a plus.
  • Flexible and organized.
  • Good computer skills.

Tender-based: after a preliminary screening, the Education Committee will ask selected candidates to produce their best offer based on a sample of the material to be edited for a specific project.
In order for AIDA to be able to issue payments for this job, you will need to be registered as a freelancer or have a company able to issue invoices. Alternatively, we may offer other types of compensation (e.g. a certain number of free certifications for your AIDA courses).

The application deadline is August 5th, successful candidates will be selected before August 15th.
The projects you will be working on have various deadlines (from September until the end of the year).
Please send your CV with relevant experience (1 page max) and a cover letter (half-page max) to and
Make sure to include "CALL FOR EDITORS" in the subject of your email.

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