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Final Day of the 30th AIDA World Championship

Published: 2023/06/16

The fourth and final day of the AIDA Pool World Championship Jeju 2023 was the Dynamic (DYN) competition.

This discipline is where athletes push the limit to see how far they can swim underwater in a single breath with the fin of their choice; monofin or bifin.

We had the most AIDA National records broken today than any of the other days, with several records being broken more than once.

Women’s AIDA Continental Records:

Women’s AIDA National Records: 

Men’s AIDA National Records: 

Women’s Podium:

  1. Julia Kozerska (Poland) – - 250m
  2. Bevin Reynolds (South Africa) – 241m
  3. Mia Morimura (Japan) – 237m

Men’s Podium:

  1. Ming (William Joy) Jin (China) – 287m
  2. Mikhail Briantcev (International) – 271m
  3. Yueh Shiang Hsu (Chinese Taipei) – 264m

At the end of the competition, we crowned the overall winners of the 30th AIDA World Championship based on the combined results from the past four days.

Women’s Overall:

  1. Julia Kozerska (Poland) – 437.6 points
  2. Bevin Reynolds (South Africa) – 390 points
  3. Ke Tang (China) – 374.9 points

Men’s Overall:

  1. Aleksandr Maksimov (International) – 455.5 points
  2. Ming (William Joy) Jin (China) – 454.5 points
  3. Po-Yen Lee (Chinese Taipei) – 406 points

The competition replay and upcoming livestreams can be found on the official AIDA YouTube channel.