Event News


The fourth and final day of the AIDA Pool World Championship Jeju 2023 was the Dynamic (DYN) competition.

This discipline is where athletes push the limit to see how far they can swim underwater in a single breath with the fin of their choice; monofin or bifin.

We had the most AIDA National records broken today than any of the other days, with several records being broken more than once.

The third day of the 30th AIDA World Championship was the Static (STA) competition.

This discipline is when the athletes hold their breaths as long as possible underwater while doing nothing else. This is longest standing AIDA World Record for both men and women; Stephane Mifsud completed 11:35 minutes in 2009 and Natalia Molchanova completed 9:02 minutes in 2013.

June 13, 2023 was the second day of the 30th AIDA World Championship and the Dynamic No Fins (DNF) competition.

Considered the purest of the freediving disciplines, during DNF the freediver swims horizontally underwater using only arm strokes and frog kicks while holding their breath for the longest possible distance without the assistance of propulsion aids, making it the most demanding of the pool freediving disciplines.  

The first competition day of the 30th AIDA World Championship took place today, June 12, 2023, in Jeju, South Korea.

This event is already a huge success, hosting the largest number of freediving athletes at an AIDA Pool World Championship in AIDA’s history with 146 athletes from 30 countries competing on the first day.