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Day 3 of the 30th AIDA World Championship

Published: 2023/06/15

The third day of the 30th AIDA World Championship was the Static (STA) competition.

This discipline is when the athletes hold their breaths as long as possible underwater while doing nothing else. This is longest standing AIDA World Record for both men and women; Stephane Mifsud completed 11:35 minutes in 2009 and Natalia Molchanova completed 9:02 minutes in 2013.

On June 15, 2023, Heike Schwerdtner earned herself a gold medal and a new German AIDA National Record with a time of 8:45 minutes, moving her closer to breaking the world record and placing her the second-highest-ranked woman in the discipline.

Japan’s Yuriko Ichihara beat her own AIDA Continental Record with a new time of 7:19 minutes.  

Women’s AIDA Continental Records:

Women’s AIDA National Records: 

Women’s Podium:

  1. Heike Schwerdtner (Germany) – 8:45
  2. Julia Kozerska (Poland) – 8:03
  3. Sylvie Gilson (France) – 8:01

Men’s Podium:

  1. Florian Dagoury (France) – 10:01
  2. Aleksandr Maksimov (International) – 9:10  
  3. David Spreitz Elings (Sweden) – 8:36

The competition replay and upcoming livestreams can be found on the official AIDA YouTube channel.