NAME: ! Meng Tao

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Level: Instructor Trainer

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  • Teaches:

    AIDA1, AIDA2 Pool, AIDA2, AIDA3 Pool, AIDA3, AIDA4, Pool Instructor, Instructor, AIDA Monofin Freediver, AIDA Pool Competition Safety, AIDA Depth Competition Safety

  • Short Brief:

    aida&molchanovs instructor trainer,
    based in Semporna, Malaysia.
    We have professional free diving dive shops and free diving boats,
    free diving equipment rentals,
    and undertake aida1-aida instructor courses.
    Free divers from all walks of life are welcome to free dive in Semporna.
    We provide all free diving services.
    My whatapp: +60109346966.
    My WeChat: mtdiving

    Note: aida freediving

  • Instructor Activity Status: Active

  • Instructor Since: 18.08.2017

  • Citizenship: China

  • Address: Semporna, Malaysia

upcoming Courses

    No Upcoming courses

Certified Students

  • AIDA1: 133

  • AIDA2: 129

  • AIDA2 Pool: 36

  • AIDA3: 67

  • AIDA3 Pool: 3

  • AIDA4: 63

  • Instructor: 48

  • Pool Instructor: 5

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