NAME: Jean-Pol Francois

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Level: Instructor Trainer

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    AIDA1, AIDA2 Pool, AIDA2, AIDA3 Pool, AIDA3, AIDA4, Pool Instructor, Instructor, AIDA Monofin Freediver, Judge E Pool and Depth, Judge EPool, Judge EDepth, Continuous Education Course, AIDA Pool Competition Safety by Vertical Blue - Professional Safety Freediver®, AIDA Depth Competition Safety by Vertical Blue - Professional Safety Freediver®

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    Benefits of Using a Profile
    A few decades ago, before online job applications became the norm, resume objectives were the standard way to begin “snail mail” resumes.

    However, the internet made it possible for employers to exponentially increase their candidate pool. While this was good for employers, it has intensified the competition between job seekers in many industries.

    A resume profile offers applicants a way to stand out among the hundreds of resumes that companies receive. Most employers spend only seconds looking at a resume, and much of this time is spent looking at its top half

  • Instructor Activity Status: Active

  • Instructor Since: 06.01.2011

  • Citizenship: Belgium

  • Address: Moalboal, Philippines

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  • AIDA Competition Safety Freediver.: 4

  • AIDA Monofin Freediver: 25

  • AIDA1: 136

  • AIDA2: 60

  • AIDA2 Pool: 36

  • AIDA3: 27

  • AIDA3 Pool: 1

  • AIDA4: 63

  • Instructor: 179

  • Judge E Pool and Depth: 38

  • Pool Instructor: 26

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