NAME: Adrian Molina

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Level: Master Instructor

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  • Teaches:

    AIDA1, AIDA2 Pool, AIDA2, AIDA3 Pool, AIDA3, AIDA4, AIDA Monofin Freediver, AIDA Pool Competition Safety by Vertical Blue - Professional Safety Freediver®, AIDA Depth Competition Safety by Vertical Blue - Professional Safety Freediver®

  • Short Brief:

    Current Location: BALI, INDONESIA

    After taking my last breath before diving into the ocean, my journey into the deep blue begins with meditation, within an unexplored world full of unimaginable wonders.


    Freedive Instructor since 2018
    Scuba Open Water Instructor since 2019
    Freediver Athlete since 2013
    Mexican National Team Swimmer since 1998

  • Instructor Activity Status: Active

  • Instructor Since: 28.03.2018

  • Citizenship: Mexico

  • Address: COZUMEL, Mexico

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Certified Students

  • AIDA1: 23

  • AIDA2: 41

  • AIDA2 Pool: 11

  • AIDA3: 13

  • AIDA3 Pool: 1

  • AIDA4: 1

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