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28th AIDA World Championship

New AIDA World Record in DYN

Published: 2022/06/24

On June 24th, 2022, at the 28th AIDA World Championship, French athlete Guillaume Bourdila set a new AIDA World Record in DYN after improving the previous record by 1m (3ft).

The previous AIDA World Record in DYN, set by Mateusz Malina of Poland and Giorgos Panagiotakis of Greece (300m/984ft), in 2016 remained unbreakable for six years. This year at last, Guillaume turned at 300m and set the bar a little bit higher.

Guillaume, who is 28 years old and currently a sports coach, began training freediving in 2015. Just 3 years later, he set his first world record in DNF and continued succeeding in dynamic disciplines. At this year’s AIDA World Championship, he earned the gold in DNF, swam the furthest in DYNB (but received a red card for his technically incorrect turns), and set a new AIDA World Record in DYN.

Congratulations, Guillaume, Champion du Monde - we are looking forward to your progress in the next season!