Jury Members

Main Judge

Christian Foetinger

Citizenship: Austria


Monika Hopf

Citizenship: Germany


Henriette Kissling

Citizenship: Austria


Eva Froestl

Citizenship: Austria


10th A.I.D.A. Tyrolean Apnea Cup

2023-02-26, Innsbruck/Austria

 Terms and Conditions of Participation

  • Minimum age: 18 years (from the age of 16 participation is possible with the signature of a parent or guardian).
  • Confirmation of a dive sport medical examination which must not be older than one year at the competition day.
  • Only coated weights are allowed in the swimming pool. This will be checked during registration.
  • Transferred participation fee* (€ 60.-)
  • If a participant does not appear for the competition his paid entry fee forfeits. Refund is not possible.
  • The official language of this competition is English.
  • Photo and video recordings are property of the organizer and will not be handed over. As a result of his registration, the athlete grants the organizer the permission to use all photographs and video recordings for advertising and educational purposes or to publish them.
  • A.I.D.A. will publish some personal data like name, gender or age (for instance for the ranking).
  • The organizer declines any liability. The participation happens on own risk.
  • The number of participants is limited to 32 starting places (the ranking takes place after complete registration and transferred entry fee).
  • If there are more than 32 registrations surplus participants will be placed on a waiting list and may move up if an athlete does not participate (of course, participants of the waiting list will receive a refund of the registration fee if there is no place left for them).
  • The athlete has read and understood the regulations of the AIDA.
  • With registration to the 10th A.I.D.A. Tyrolean Apnea Cup, the participant confirms that he has read, understood and accepted the conditions of participation.

*Bank details
bank: Raiffeisenkasse Rum
account number: 00000001727
bank code: 36310
IBAN:  AT913631000000001727
purpose: Tyroleancup

“Division of charges” must ALWAYS be clicked for SEPA transfers!

Select “expenses free for the recipient” when transferring from a non-EU-country (for instance Switzerland)

You will receive a confirmation of registration per e-mail after payment has been received.


Travel to Innsbruck, Austria


Registration fee: EUR 60.-