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Results by discipline

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BESTDIVE Present at the Depth World Championship

BESTDIVE, a diving wetsuit manufacturing company based in China, joins the AIDA Depth World Championship Limassol 2021 as a sponsor.


Wednesday, 22nd September COMPETITION DAY : CWTB - WOMEN
Thursday, 23rd September COMPETITION DAY: CWTB - MEN
Friday, 24th September COMPETITION DAY : FIM - WOMEN
Saturday, 25th September COMPETITION DAY : FIM - MEN
Sunday, 26th September COMPETITION DAY : CNF - WOMEN
Monday, 27th September COMPETITION DAY : CNF - MEN
Monday, 28th September COMPETITION DAY : CWT - WOMEN
Wednesday, 29th September COMPETITION DAY : CWT - MEN
Thursday, 30th September COMPETITION BACK-UP DAY
Friday, 1st October DEPARTURES


Water temperature is expected to be between 25°C and 28°C with thermocline below 20m and visibility around 30m-35m, thanks to the absence of plankton. The air temperature in Cyprus at the end of September is usually between 28°C-32°C.

The competition site is located one mile from the beach, opposite the venue hotel and with 150m of depth. There will be two competition lines with counter ballast systems able to lift a freediver at a speed of 1.5m/sec. High-resolution sonar and a connected video camera will be providing real-time information on the freediver’s progress.

Each competition line will be covered with four safety freedivers selected and trained to the highest standard. Six warm-up lines will be set to 30m. Dry warm-up will be possible on the vessel and on a smaller platform near the performance zone. A decompression station whit O2 will be available on the dive location.

AIDA Medical Committee members and emergency medical personnel selected by the committee will be oresent at the competition zone to handle potencial accidents.

In case of emergency, the evacuation boat can transfer freedivers to the beach in 7 min. An ambulance will be on standby at the beach and can transfer freedivers to the Limassol General Hospital in 10 min. Three taxi boats will be available to carry athletes, judges, and crew from the beach to the competition zone.


The rates negotiated with the official hotel Kapetanios Odysseia Hotel are:

  • Single room (B&B): € 72.00 per room per night
  • Double room (B&B) € 98.00 per room per night
  • Triple rom (B&B) € 133.00 per room per night
  • To benefit from the above rates, athletes are invited to directly contact the hotel by e-mail: and mention they are registered in the AIDA WCh. All arrangements whit the hotel (check-in/check-out, room sharing, etc.) are to be handled directly by the athletes. The Hotel is situated only 100 meters from the beach and within easy walking distance from the city.

    Balcony, internet, TV, air-conditioning, mini bar. Hotel facilities includes free Wi-Fi, pool bar, one outdoor swimming pool, one children swimming pool, health club with sauna, jacuzzi and gym equipment, and two conference rooms. Kapetanios Odyssia’s restaurants serve Cypriot and international cuisine in an elegant setting. The Apollo Pool Bar and the Piano Lobby & Terrace are ideal for evening drinks.

    Besides the official hotel, various Airbnb and other accommodation options on are available within walking distance of the hotel and boat pick up location. We can advise you in selecting your accommodation if needed - contact us at:

    Travel to Cyprus

    Cyprus’ main airport is Larnaca International Airport (LCA) and is on the outskirts of Larnaca, approximately 77km from Limassol.

    Paphos International Airport (PFO) is located approximately 67km from Limassol.

    Both airports are connected to Limassol by a 45 minute drive on a modern highway. The Limassol Urban Buse Company has a daily roundtrip schedule from Larnaca or Paphos Airport to Limassol, including weekends and public holidays to provide transportation needs for all athletes at a cost of € 9 per person including VAT and luggage.

    Cyprus has the euro (€) as its sole currency. Cyprus is a member of the Schengen Agreement, but has not yet fully implemented it. For EU and EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) citizens, together with those of Switzerland, an officially approved ID card (or a passport) is sufficient for entry. In no case will they need a visa for a stay of any length. Other international will need a passport for entry.

    Travel to/from any other country (Schengen or not) from/to Cyprus will (as of now) result in the normal immigration passport control, but if travelling to/from another EU country you will not have to pass customs. However, if Cyprus requires a visa for your nationality, this may be waived if you already have a valid Schengen visa.

    Cyprs flight pass (covid19 pass). Link for entry application for travelling to Cyprus:


    Registration fee: 600 €

    Start list / Results

    Start Diver Gender Official Top Discipline AP RP Card Points Remarks
    1 Yulia Marievich F 08:30 CWTB 60 m 60 m WHITE 60 ok
    2 Chantal Marzin F 08:30 CWTB 60 m 60 m WHITE 60 ok
    3 Kathleen Greubel F 08:40 CWTB 60 m 60 m WHITE 60 ok
    4 Suzanne Lim F 08:40 CWTB 60 m 60 m RED 0 dqother,dqpull
    5 Vera Giampietro F 08:50 CWTB 62 m 58 m YELLOW 53 rpap,no tag
    6 Hou I Ming F 08:50 CWTB 63 m 63 m RED 0 dqother
    7 Meropi Adamopoulou F 09:00 CWTB 64 m 51 m RED 0 no tag,rp<ap,dqother,dqpull
    8 Tjasa Ucakar F 09:00 CWTB 65 m 65 m WHITE 65 ok
    9 Léa Jolibois F 09:10 CWTB 68 m 68 m RED 0 dqbo-surface
    10 Mojca Haberman F 09:10 CWTB 69 m 52 m RED 0 no tag,rp<ap,dqother
    11 Heejeong Park F 09:20 CWTB 70 m 70 m RED 0 dqbo-surface
    12 Nicole Edensbo F 09:20 CWTB 71 m 62 m RED 0 no tag,rp<ap,dqpull
    13 Sanda Delija F 09:30 CWTB 71 m 71 m RED 0 dqpull
    14 Anna-Karina Schmitt F 09:30 CWTB 72 m 72 m WHITE 72 ok
    15 Olga Markina F 09:40 CWTB 73 m 63 m YELLOW 52 rpap,no tag
    16 Olga Davydova F 09:40 CWTB 76 m 76 m WHITE 76 ok
    17 Irena Vanova F 09:50 CWTB 77 m 77 m WHITE 77 ok
    18 Sofia Gomez F 09:50 CWTB 81 m 81 m WHITE 81 ok
    19 Jung A Kim F 10:00 CWTB 82 m 82 m WHITE 82 ok
    20 Alena Konecna F 10:00 CWTB 82 m 82 m WHITE 82 ok
    21 Marianna Gillespie F 10:10 CWTB 92 m 92 m WHITE 92 ok
    22 Jennifer Wendland F 10:10 CWTB 92 m 92 m WHITE 92 ok
    23 Zoya Golovnya F 10:20 CWTB 60 m 60 m RED 0 dqsp
    24 Laia Sopeña Spa F 10:20 CWTB 58 m 58 m WHITE 58 ok
    25 Cassandra Cooper F 10:30 CWTB 56 m 56 m WHITE 56 ok
    26 Clementine Marie F 10:30 CWTB 55 m 55 m WHITE 55 ok
    27 Jeongseon Kim F 10:40 CWTB 55 m 55 m WHITE 55 ok
    28 Suwon Kim F 10:40 CWTB 53 m 45 m YELLOW 36 rpap,no tag
    29 Lidija Lijic F 10:50 CWTB 51 m 16 m YELLOW 0 rpap,no tag
    30 Judith De Waard F 10:50 CWTB 51 m 51 m WHITE 51 ok
    31 Iru Balic F 11:00 CWTB 51 m 51 m WHITE 51 ok
    32 Linde Muyshondt F 11:00 CWTB 50 m 50 m WHITE 50 ok
    33 Nataliia Chernoborodova F 11:10 CWTB 47 m 47 m WHITE 47 ok
    34 Yukine Toshinaga F 11:10 CWTB 46 m 46 m WHITE 46 ok
    35 Katsiaryna Spiryna F 11:20 CWTB 45 m 45 m WHITE 45 ok
    36 Anastasia Postnikova F 11:20 CWTB 43 m 43 m WHITE 43 ok
    37 Lidija Isajeva F 11:30 CWTB 41 m 41 m WHITE 41 ok
    38 Henrietta Kivijärvi F 11:30 CWTB 40 m 40 m WHITE 40 ok
    39 Petra Maricic F 11:40 CWTB 40 m 40 m WHITE 40 ok
    40 Maria Pilnikova F 11:40 CWTB 38 m 38 m RED 0 dqpull
    41 Angeliki Loutsiou F 11:50 CWTB 35 m 35 m WHITE 35 ok
    42 Sandrine Heslouis F 11:50 CWTB 34 m 34 m WHITE 34 ok
    43 Olena Datsiuk F 12:00 CWTB 30 m 30 m WHITE 30 ok
    44 Anastasiia Borisova F 12:00 CWTB 27 m 27 m WHITE 27 ok