AIDA Voting Session

Jury election for the AIDA Pool World Championship 2020

Start: 2020-01-26 12:00End: 2020-02-05 23:59

Voters: Austria, Australia, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Slovenia, Singapore, Philippines, Serbia, Russian Federation, Cyprus, Malaysia, Japan, China, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Republic of Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Mexico, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia, Brazil


Select 8 judges for the jury of the AIDA Pool World Championship 2020 (Burgas, Bulgaria)

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CONTRERAS Gaby - (Ai level)

12 Votes

RUSSU Alexandru - (Ai level)

25 Votes

WRIGHT John - (Ai level)

16 Votes

SIDOROVA Olga - (B level)

22 Votes

BODILOVSKAYA Mila - (C level)

11 Votes

KARJUK Alexander - (C level)

12 Votes

SEROV Alexey - (C level)

10 Votes

BALASHOVA Ekaterina - (D level)

5 Votes

BESSTRASHNOVA Anna - (D level)

3 Votes

Bozicek Maja - (D level)

15 Votes

BYSTROVA Irina - (D level)

4 Votes

CAMEO Lauren - (D level)

5 Votes

LUNDBERG Anders - (D level)

8 Votes

MARYEVICH Yulia - (D level)

13 Votes

SAYERAS RIERA Ferran - (D level)

4 Votes

SPIRYN Mikalai - (D level)

3 Votes

SPIRYNA Katsiaryna - (D level)

3 Votes

STOYKOV Plamen - (D level)

13 Votes

SUTTON Paul - (D level)

13 Votes

Jaime Fernando MORENO SANCHEZ - (D level)

4 Votes