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Sydney Freedivers dynamic competition

Sydney Freedivers dynamic competition

Start date: 2023-10-14
End date: 2023-10-15
Location: Redfern national centre of indigenous excellence, sydney, Australia
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Jack Hatfield
Additional info: -
Disciplines: DNF DYN DYNB
Safety Qualifications: Competition medical team of 2 with lifeguard and paramedic qualifications.

facility lifeguard staff also on standby with backup O2 and AED equipment if required.
Safety plan: medical team will be on standby with a station set up next to the pool deck. station will consist of standard first Aid kit, ventilator bags and 2xO2 regulator kits

judges are trained to signal medics/lifeguard staff for assistance when a hypoxic event occurs. In the event of multiple hypoxic events requiring the use of both O2 regulators the competition will be paused until patients are finished using them.

In the event of further medical intervention or requirement for advanced emergency medical care paramedics will be called and patient will be transported to Royal prince Alfred hospital located 2km from the pool facility.
Pool size: 25m
Maximum pool depth: 1.8m
Minimum pool depth: 1m
Main Judge: John Wright
Other Jury Members: Lynn Honglin Liu
Assistant Judges: -