Event Details

13th AIDA Sofia Freediving Cup

13th AIDA Sofia Freediving Cup

Start date: 2024-04-06
End date: 2024-04-06
Location: Spartak Swimming Pool, Sofia, Bulgaria
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Lyubomir Stefanov
Additional info: 13th AIDA Sofia Freediving Cup, 06.04.2024
General ranking will be calculated as follows : results for STA + DYN or DYNB or DNF, for male and female competitors. Coefficient for DNF calculation in general
ranking will be 1.25 and 1.15 for dynamic bi-fins.

Competition fee:
Deadline for registration is 29.03.2024
EARLY REGISTRATION before 22.03.2024
Fee is 45 euro. Special price 15 euro for athletes who participate for the very first time in an AIDA competition and register before 10.11.2023.

Registration fee from 22.03.2024 to 29.03.2024
55 euro (flat price for first time athletes and seasoned competitors)

The competition fee includes pool access and t-shirt. To register for the competition please use the interface on AIDA`s website before 29.03.2024. Valid medical certificate (less
than one year old) is required upon registration at the pool. All athletes must have active status in any AIDA national + valid profile in AIDA database. For more information
and inquiries, please contact Lyubomir Stefanov at lyubomir.stefanov@gmail.com, phone: +359 883 35 25 45
Disciplines: DYNB DYN DNF STA
Safety Qualifications: 6 experienced safety divers ; 3 people certified in CPR; 1 medic; 2 oxygen sets (1 with constant flow, 1 with scuba regulator). Hospital with ER room is nearby.
Safety plan: 6 experienced safeties, 3 oxygen tanks, emergency hospital within 5 minutes driving
Pool size: 50m
Maximum pool depth: 1.9m
Minimum pool depth: 1.8m
Main Judge: Mariya Nikolova
Assistant Judges: -
Performance Safeties: -
Warm-Up Safeties: -