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AIDA BFC Toughen Up Cupcakes Static Comp

AIDA BFC Toughen Up Cupcakes Static Comp

Start date: 2023-11-18
End date: 2023-11-18
Location: Sleeman Aquatic center, Chandler, Australia
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Mathew Grech
Additional info: -
Disciplines: STA
Safety Qualifications: Certified freedivers & AFA affiliated members.
Safety plan: Competition to comply with all safety and COVID related plans and procedures.

In the event of an incident, immediate aid will be provided my medic and pool staff. If the patients condition requires elevated care, 000 will be dialed and an ambulance requested.

The pool is equipped with Oxygen and Defibrillator, and the nearest ambulance station is located 1 kilometres away and the nearest tertiary care facility is at 1km (Mater Hospital) .

AFA EMP to be completed and followed.
Pool size: 25m
Maximum pool depth: 1.2m
Minimum pool depth: 1.2m
Main Judge: Ben Noble
Assistant Judges: -