Event Details



Start date: 2023-10-07
End date: 2023-10-09
Location: DOUBLE K JEJU, JEJU, Republic of Korea
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Seongjun Kang
Additional info: competition area.
- The competition venue is located within 2km and 10 minutes from the diving center, and the maximum depth is 90m.
- Depending on the current conditions, the competition venue will be operated in a fixed or drift mode.
- The maximum depth for the competition is 70m.
Disciplines: FIM CNF CWTB CWT
Safety Qualifications: - Member of safety team:
1) Hong Jaesin, Kim Mangeun are Level 1 EMT
2) All of them are freediving instructors and most of them are certified EFR certified
3) Main safeties (Kang seong jun Kim sang woo, Lim jong hwa) are EFR instructor trainer as well as AIDA competition safety freediver instructor and they have a lot of experience in depth competitions and running the many of experiences in safety education and safety team management.
4) All of them are higher than master freediver and educated rescue and safety during the course.
5) Other safeties also will be certified AIDA competition safety freediver before the competition.
6) All of the situation shall be cooperated by SEONG JUN KANG who is the organazer and experienced for depth competition
Safety plan: Safety plan
Before the competition
1. The day before the competition, safety, jersey and medics gather together to train and train together about possible scenarios.
2. All emergency rescue equipment and supplies such as emergency oxygen are managed and controlled so that they can be used immediately through a designated place and person in charge.
3. 2 hours before the start of the competition, each person in charge is ready and waiting.
During the competition
- We will use an ambulance to transport you to the nearest hospital emergency room and provide medical services.
- External first aid staff consists of people with oxygen supply, basic life and advanced life support and treatment skills, and ambulances, 119 and nearby hospitals are prepared for emergency response.
Medical service list on board and ambulance

- Treatment details -
Scope of work for level 1 emergency medical technicians (including level 2)
1. Maintaining the airway to perform CPR (including insertion of an airway, airway intubation, laryngeal mask intubation, etc.)
2. Securing an intravenous route
3. Maintaining breathing using a ventilator
4. Drug administration (glucose injection for hypoglycemic coma, sublingual administration of nitroglycerin for chest pain, administration of a certain amount of fluid for shock, bronchodilator inhalation for asthma attack)

1. Removal of foreign substances in the oral cavity
2. Maintaining the airway using an airway device
3. Basic CPR
4. Oxygen administration
5. Immobilization of limbs and spine using splints, spinal fixators, air, etc.
6. Hemostasis of external bleeding and first aid for wounds
7. Measurement of heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.
8. Maintain blood pressure using shock prevention pants, etc.
9. Induction of regular heartbeat using an automatic external defibrillator
10. In case of chest pain, administer nitroglycerin under the tongue (sublingually) and inhale bronchodilator in case of asthma attack (limited to cases where the patient carries the drug)

Advanced life support
- Accurate medical evaluation: check patient condition, determine necessary treatment and medical measures
- Intradermal injection and drug management: Use drugs and maintain or improve heart and respiratory function
- Air management: Support breathing through ventilator or endotracheal management

Trauma management
- Bleeding control: Hemostasis, treatment to tie small blood vessels
- Fracture management: Measures and stabilization for fractures, dislocations, etc.
- Wound care: Wound treatment and dressing to prevent secondary and additional infections.
operating medical equipment
- Manipulate medical oxygen, intra-tracheal management equipment, defibrillator, etc. and apply them appropriately to the patient.

- Collaborates with other medical professionals to ensure patient care and safety
- All of the situation shall be cooperated by SEONG JUN KANG who is the organazer and experienced for depth competition
Maximum depth: 70m
Main Judge: Bonyeon Kim
Assistant Judges: -