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AIDA Pool Contest Zeist

AIDA Pool Contest Zeist

Start date: 2023-06-28
End date: 2023-06-28
Location: Zwembad Dijnselburg, Zeist, Netherlands
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Mark Westerbeek
Additional info: See for complete information on this competition: https://freedivingutrecht.nl/competition/

Maximum number of participants is 21 for STA and 21 for DYNB/DNF. Athletes can participate in STA and DYNB ór DNF. Athletes are thus not able to compete in DYNB and DNF.
Registration is final when your payment has been received, payment is non-refundable. AIDA ranking included for DFA members.
For questions and contact please contact us at info@freedivingutrecht.nl
Disciplines: DYNB DNF STA
Safety Qualifications: Safety divers to be determined, however minimal requirements for safety divers will be AIDA 2, SSI level 1 or equal. Prior to competition training and instruction session for safety divers will be organized by SSI/AIDA instructors.
As soon as safety divers are known, this field will be updated.
Safety plan: Safety protocol and transportation info
Safety brings athlete to surface and side of the pool (only lanes adjacent to the pool edge will be used during competition) and performs blow-tap-talk to try to bring athlete back to consciousness.
Judge calls for attending medic and helps to bring the athlete out of the water should athlete not have regained consciousness. Medic will have arrived with oxygen-kit and communication means (most likely phone). If athlete regains consciousness oxygen will be provided according to medic’s assessment.
If athlete does not regain consciousness or in case of other injuries requiring further medical attention the medic will alert emergency services (dial 112). The location (Zwembad Dijnselburg, Badmeester Schenkpad 8, 3705 GK Zeist) and situation will be provided using the MIST-protocol (Mechanism of injury, Injuries found. Suspected signs ,Treatment given).
Also mention the location is 4km located from the nearest hospital (Diakonessenhuis Zeist) and 8km located from the second nearest and academic hospital (UMC Utrecht). In consultation with emergency services decide whether to await ambulance or drive to hospital.
Attending judge and medic will discuss of competition can continue.

Nearest hospital:
Diakonessenhuis Zeist,
Jagersingel 1,
3707 HL
Tel: 088-2505000
Distance: 4km / 5 min (car)

2nd nearest hospital (Academic Medical Center):
Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht,
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX
Tel: 088-7555555
Distance: 8km / 8 min (car)
Pool size: 25m
Maximum pool depth: 3.65m
Minimum pool depth: 1.4m
Main Judge: Peter Ronkes
Other Jury Members: Noud Verweij, Esmiralda Losse
Assistant Judges: -
Performance Safeties: -
Warm-Up Safeties: -