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AIDA Swiss Freediving Championship 2022 - Depth Competition

AIDA Swiss Freediving Championship 2022 - Depth Competition

Start date: 2022-08-20
End date: 2022-08-20
Location: Steinrad (Grosser Parkplatz), Herrliberg (Zürich), Switzerland
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Andrea Blaesi
Additional info: ***2 disciplines on 1 day : CWT (or CWTB) and FIM***
The top 3 athletes (female/male) that participant in both disciplines will be awarded for the SWISS FREEDIVING CHAMPION 2022.
The top 3 athletes (female/male) per discipline (CWT/FIM) will be rewarded.
Medical certificate is mandatory (less than one year old) .
Participating fee: 90 EUR or 100 CHF (incl. water and lunch)

Diving will take place from the anchored platform (6*8m) with a counter ballast system
The platform will be accessible either by a shuttleboat o swimming (distance: 70m from the beach)
Watertemperature: 18-22 °C on the surface/ around 6°C at -20m to -75m
Visibility : max. 8m
Disciplines: FIM CWTB CWT
Safety Qualifications: AIDA instructors and master instructors with experience in previous competitions
Safety plan: Diving from the platform only 1 minute from the beach.
The platform has a counter ballast system

Experienced safety divers on the main platform as well on the 2 warm up lines.

Paramedic on the platform with Emergency Equipment including emergency oxygen tanks.
In case of evacuation the boat need 1 min to the beach form there direct access to car/ambulance.

Distance to the next hospital:
15 min. Universitätspital Zürich
10 min. Spital Männedorf
Maximum depth: 70m
Main Judge: Marcello De Matteis
Other Jury Members: Marco Melileo
Assistant Judges: -