Event Details

AIDA Finnish Super Open

AIDA Finnish Super Open

Start date: 2022-04-23
End date: 2022-04-24
Location: Tampereen Uimakeskus, Tampere, Finland
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Simo Kurra
Additional info: The competition takes place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of April in Tampere. The event also includes an open international pool competition with all the pool disciplines DNF, STA and DYN. Finnish athletes will compete for national championships in different disciplines and all the athletes will compete in the
open international series in which the ranking is based on total score from the 3 different disciplines combined. Athletes may choose to perform in DYN with bi-fins or a monofin. The result will be reported to AIDA ranking as DYN or DYNB accordingly, but in the open series rankings both will be considered equally in points. Athletes may also choose to opt in or out of any of the 3 disciplines.

The competition fee is 40€ for all, or 15€ per discipline and payment instructions will be sent to your email after completing the registration form.

Preliminary schedule (we reserve the right for small changes):
Saturday 23.4.
7:45 - 11:00 Registration
11:30 - 12:00 Competition info
12:00 – 16:00 DYN (DYNB) competition in the 50 meter pool
17:45 – 20:30 STA competition in the children’s pool

Sunday 24.4.
12:15 – 18:00 DNF competition in the 25 meter pool
19:00 Closing ceremony

Please Note:
To register you must have:
- An Athlete profile on AIDA Website
- Finnish diver\`s federations competition license (For Finnish nationals) or valid insurance
- A medical statement of non-contradiction to freediving (signed by a licensed physician)
- Unfortunately we are not currently able to allow athletes from Russia or Belarus to compete due to the current policies set by our respective federations.

Upon completing the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes instructions for payment and other useful information.
Your registration is only valid after payment has been confirmed. The deadline for payments is 7th of April 2022 - please also note it may take a few days for bank transactions to go through.
Use the email address by which you have registered your athlete profile on the AIDA International website:
The venue is called Tampereen Uintikeskus (Swimming Center of the City of Tampere). The address is Joukahaisenkatu 7a, Tampere, Finland. There is free parking (up to 4 hours) at the venue, but given the number of athletes and organization, it is preferrable to use public transportation. The most convenient transport is the tram line 3, the desired stop being conveniently named \``Uintikeskus\``. Bus, taxi or e-scooters are other convenient options and it\`s not too bad for walking either.

DYN and DYNB disciplines will be at a 50 m pool. Start will be on the shallow end (1.2 m) and maximum depth at the other end is 4 m. We will use a 25m pool for DNF. The pool is 1.2m deep from the shallow end and 2,0m deep from the deep end. Temperature of the water is +27C.

STA will be held in smaller pool, with varying depth. It will be 0.9 m in the competition zone and water temperature is +28C.

The organizer has and agreement with Scandic City Tampere for A discount. You will receive a discount code in an email response after registration.
The prices are:
22.4 – 23.4:
170.00 € single room / night
190.00 € double room / night
23.4. – 24.4:
130.00 € single room / night
150.00 € double room / night
There are of course plenty of other options including AirBnB available all around the city.
If you need any help with accommodation or transportation, just ask!
Use this link to register:
Disciplines: DNF DYNB STA DYN
Safety Qualifications: Competition medic & first responder available, 5 qualified safety divers (2 per lane), pool facilities include oxygen and AED
Safety plan: City of Tampere is responsible for the general building safety plan, event safety to be coordinated with pool staff. A more detailed safety plan exists in finnish, including responsible roles, evacuation routes, procedures in case of accidents.
Pool size: 50m
Maximum pool depth: 3.9m
Minimum pool depth: 0.9m
Main Judge: Kaj Toivola
Assistant Judges: -
Performance Safeties: -
Warm-Up Safeties: -