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AIDA Taiwanese Cup 2021

AIDA Taiwanese Cup 2021

Start date: 2021-03-24
End date: 2021-03-25
Location: Xiao Liuqiu, Pingtung, Chinese Taipei, Taiwan
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Wenyen Wang
Additional info: https://msocean.com.tw/archives/36834
Disciplines: FIM CNF CWTB CWT
Safety Qualifications: 8 Safety. 6 are AIDA instructor. 2 are AIDA 4 freediver.

2 leader safety have much depth competition experience.
Safety plan: First safety be with scooter go to 30m depth. Second safety go go to 20m depth. Third safety go to 10m depth.

1 doctor & 1 EMT instructor stand by on the rescue boat. Wiht Oxygen tank and necessary medical equipment.

From competitive area to port, the sail time is 5-8 minutes. From port to hospital is 8 minutes by driving.
Maximum depth: 80m
Main Judge: Wanyu Yen
Other Jury Members: Yixian Zhang, Yi-Hsien Ting, Wayne Tu
Assistant Judges: -