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AIDA SFA x XQ Minicomp 2020

AIDA SFA x XQ Minicomp 2020

Start date: 2020-12-19
End date: 2020-12-19
Location: Bukit Merah Swimming Complex, Singapore, Singapore
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Jonathan Chong
Additional info: -
Disciplines: DYNB DYN DNF STA
Safety Qualifications: Freediving Instructor Trainers + Instructors
First Aid
Oxygen Provider
Prior competition safety experience
Safety plan: For STA,
- 1 safety diver per competitor in the Competition Zone
- Minimum 1 safety diver per warm up zone

- 2 safety diver per competitor in the Competition Zone (1 per 25m)
- Minimum 1 safety diver per warm up zone

Safety divers monitoring the dive will recover the diver and support the diver from the side of the pool or in the water, ensuring that the diver’s airways remain above the surface of the water, and that the diver does not injure themselves by falling on the side of the pool.
The diver’s weights may be removed if necessary to ensure the diver can be brought to the surface and their airways remain above the surface. Weights may include:
● Neck weight
● Weight Belt
The diver’s facial equipment will be removed including:
● Mask or goggles
● Nose Clip
The diver will be coached using the “Tap, Talk, Blow” methodology, designed to stimulate the breathing reflex. This is a recognised procedure for encouraging divers to resume breathing following a blackout.
This involves:
● Tapping or stroking the divers face (cheeks)
● Talking to the diver, generally repeating the phrase “Breath [diver’s name]”
● Circulating air around the divers face by blowing

The diver may be lifted onto the side of the pool to aid with the recovery procedure.
Once the diver has recovered consciousness the medic certified in administering oxygen will provide oxygen to the diver for a minimum of 5 minutes.

In the event that the diver does not regain consciousness within one minute, the following emergency procedure will apply:
- O2 supplementation
- Alert EMS
- Load diver onto standby spinalboard to facilitate transport
- Transport diver to standby car and load diver onto car (3mins)
- Evacuate diver to nearest hospital (Alexandra Hospital) four minutes away.
- Suspend competition
*if diver regains consciousness during the emergency protocol, protocol will be discontinued and diver will be put on 100% O2 for five minutes

In the event of Cat 1 lightning status (as defined by NEA-MSS), event will pause till status is lifted.
Pool size: 50m
Maximum pool depth: 1.8m
Minimum pool depth: 1.2m
Main Judge: Jonathan Chong
Other Jury Members: Xing Xian (Shannon) Chew
Assistant Judges: -
Performance Safeties: -
Warm-Up Safeties: -