Event News

31st AIDA Freediving World Championship

Day 1 - Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) - Women

Published: 2023/09/22

The first day of the 31st AIDA Freediving World Championship went underway in Limassol, Cyprus on 21 September 2023. The championship will run for ten days, with men and women competing on separate days in four different freediving disciplines.  

Today was women’s constant weight no fins (CNF). In total, 31 women competed in the event. The conditions were excellent, with a flat sea and no current.  

Highlights from the day included five national records set by: 

With the final rankings for the day: 

  1. Sanda Delija (HVR) – 71m  
  2. Tatiana Zemskikh (INT) – 58m 
  3. Jennifer Wendland (DEU) – 56m