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Freedive Panglao Autumn Pool Challenge

Start date: 09.11.2016
End date: 10.11.2016
Location: Panglao, Philippines
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Timothy OEHMIGEN
Disciplines: STA DYN DNF
Event Medic Name: Dr. Michael Lazaro
Event Medic Qualifications: ENT
Additional info: Additional Judge: Timothy Oehmigen (E) - (attended Judge Course at Petar Bojovic in Kalamata)
Safety plan: Two cars on standby and 25min/5min distance to nearest hospital. Medical oxygen free flow and on demand. Safety divers trained in cardiac life support. If athlete suffers from a Blackout on the first dive on day one, the start for dive two will be cancelled. Additional the athlete needs to be examined by the medical who decides if the diver is fit to start on day 2.
Minimum pool depth: 1.4
Maximum pool depth: 1.8
Main Judge: John FOLKVORD
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Stefan RANDIG

Day: 11/9/2016