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Sail Sabang Freediving Competition 2017

Start date: 26.11.2017
End date: 01.12.2017
Location: Sabang, Indonesia
Event Type: Depth Competition
Disciplines: FIM CNF CWT
Organizer: StanleySradaputta
Safety plan: Safety is our top priority. We want to organize an event that is fun and relaxed but at the same time safe and professional. Here are some of our safety mechanisms: Announcements in each discipline are limited to not more than 5m than the athletes PB in training Due to high safety standard, our safety freedivers will only handle 20 divers per day. A group of Instructors level Safety Freedivers will provide safety at the appropriate depth for every diver Deep Safety with a DPV (scooter) will be used by primary safety freedivers to gain more safety and confident for all the divers Every dive will be monitored from the surface by our Depth Sonar Our highly effective Counterweight System gives us the possibility to retrieve divers within very short amount of time Competition doctors and nurses will be on standby for every diver In the unlikely event of any diver needing additional care in a hospital we have NAVY Speedboat on standby that can reach the nearest hospital and Decompression Chamber Facility in the city of Aceh within 15min. The Medical Team, Judges and Organizers have the right to refuse the start of any athlete if diving would pose an obvious risk to the diver's health.
Maximum depth: 90
Main Judge: John WRIGHT
Assistant Judges: Hakim JASON
Widianto BAYU
Additional Judges: Not set

Day: 11/26/2017

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