Aida athletes in transit

AIDA Athletes in Transit

Since the of January 2009, AIDA International has a rule ( v12) that regulates how athletes with two or more national citizenships can switch nationalities.

An athlete that already has competed in an AIDA competition with one citizenship/passport may only change his/her nationality upon official request to and approval by AIDA. All requests for change of nationality have to be received by AIDA International no later than the 31st October the year before that year he/she would like to have the new citizenship officially recognized. An athlete may change his/her nationality no more than one time every second year.

To change the nationality, the athlete most send a request directly to the Executive Board of AIDA, at info @ this request needs to include scanned copies of the athletes passports, both the old one that been used previously and the new passport that will be the new nationality of the athlete.

This is the place where AIDA publishes the athletes that are in transit to represent a new country.