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Start date: 11.11.2016
End date: 11.11.2016
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Agata BOGUSZ
Disciplines: STA
Event Medic Name: Kevin Henry
Event Medic Qualifications: Dive Medical Technician
Additional info: FUSION BREATH HOLD HERO CHALLENGE 2016 will be held on November 10th and 11th in Amed, Bali. Hold your breath for as long as possible for a good cause! Get official AIDA and Pure Apnea results in static discipline and help us keep the Ocean clean by participating in a big underwater clean-up of Jemeluk Bay during Trash Hunter Game! RULES The static competition will be held in accordance with AIDA Rules and Pure Apnea Rules. The competition winners will be decided on Aida rules. Athletes will compete in the following discipline: • Static Apnea (STA) Fusion Trash Hunter Challenge rules are definitely easy. Pick up the maximum trash you can find freediving or snorkeling in our bay. The heaviest bag wins. Actually… we all win – clean, blue and free from plastic bags waters of our beloved Jemeluk Bay.
Safety plan: Medical and safety team equipped with oxygen and first aid kit. Car available to take an injured person to the nearest hospital in Amlapura (25km distance).
Main Judge: Agata BOGUSZ
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Stephan KIRSTEN

Static mini comp


Diver name Diver country Gender Card Points Penalty Points AP RP Judge remarks
Female results
Valeria OLIVES BABLER Spain Female Red 0 0 03:00 min 05:24 min DQSP
Natalie RUDMAN South Africa Female White 44 0 03:00 min 03:40 min
Male results
Cristian CASTAÑO VILLA Colombia Male White 65.4 0 04:00 min 05:27 min National record
Andrew BABBAGE Switzerland Male White 50.6 0 00:01 min 04:13 min