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Lazurnaya Glubina 2017

Start date: 27.07.2017
End date: 28.07.2017
Location: Nizhny Tagil, Russian Federation
Event Type: Depth Competition
Disciplines: FIM CWT
Organizer: KonstantinBORISOV
Event Medic Name: Alexey Parshukov
Event Medic Qualifications: In progress
Additional info: 27 July - CWT 28 July - FIM 29 July - extra day (if wheather conditions are bad on 27th or 28th) Fee: 1 discipline : 2 500 Rub 2 disciplines: 3 800 Rub
Safety plan: counterballast, dedicated car to go to hospital in Nizhny Tagil, experienced ambulance doctor, safety oxygen
Maximum depth: 60
Main Judge: Konstantin BORISOV
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Anna BESSTRASHNOVA

Day: 7/27/2017