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Start date: 01.04.2017
End date: 01.04.2017
Location: JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Marwan HARIRI
Disciplines: CWT CNF FIM
Safety plan: The plat form is attached to a yacht with a full emergency equipment. An 8m boat & zodiac are available in site neat the plat form 250 m far from the resort. We have an oxygen provider room available and an O2 provider instructor is available on site. At the resort we will have the Ambulance stand by. Nearest medic center is 10km far away. Nearest hospital with decompression chamber is 35 mint far.
Maximum depth: 75
Main Judge: Marwan HARIRI
Assistant Judges: Badr BAYOUMI
Additional Judges: WESSAM SABEH AYOUN

Day: 4/1/2017