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Start date: 01.05.2018
End date: 10.05.2018
Location: Santa Marta, Colombia
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Carlos CORREA
Disciplines: CWT CNF FIM
Additional info: The COPA DELPHINUS SOLOAPNEA is actually the THIRD version of an event that comes to cover a necessity for athletes in Colombia and the Americas, given its affordable fees for registration and training. The main objective of this event therefore is to help with the expansion of our sport in the region, by offering a top Freediving competition with the best logistics, AIDA standards, and affordable for everyone. That together with the variety of options and facilities for accommodations available in the region shall provide a very attractive scenario for athletes all over the world.
Safety plan: SAFETY DRILL AND PROCEDURE In case of an emergency therw will be inmediateassistance provided by the safety team as well as medical support at the competition zone. In case of having to move a victim an immediate evac will be done at the evac support boat which will be ready to transport the victim straight to the shore (ETA 4 minutes) and to the ambulance where the paramedics will be ready to take action, once notified via radio directly from the competition zone. Two paramedics and the medic will be at the competition zone during all of the event in order to provide immediate medical assistance while being evac to the shore. Once there the victim will receive specialized medical attention at the ambulance while moved to the nearest hospital (aprox. 10 min car drive).
Maximum depth: 75
Main Judge: Daniel ARIAS
Assistant Judges: Iru BALIC
Additional Judges: Not set

Day: 5/1/2018