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Xibalba 2018

Start date: 29.05.2018
End date: 02.06.2018
Location: Yucatan, Mexico
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Alejandro LEMUS
Disciplines: CWT CNF FIM
Additional info: Lemus Underwater School Freediving is very happy to announce that the Mexican depth national championship will once again return to wonderful cenote in Yucatan, México, There will be four days of competition (29 May -2 June 2018) with the 30 of May being held in reserve per rest day or in case of poor conditions. Athletes will be required to attend a pre-competition briefing on the afternoon of the 28th of may. Competition format The competition will be an sanctioned competition, registered with AIDA International , and run under AIDA rules. There will be fourth competition days. CWT, CNF, FIM and optional CWT Bi fins Overall standings will be determined by adding points from each discipline (points will be allocated as per the AIDA rules, which is 1 point per metre of depth, less any penalties). The women’s and men’s champions will be the female and male athletes, respectively, with the most number of points. Athletes may choose to do any depth discipline on any day, and therefore may choose to do one discipline more than once, however, only the best result in a given discipline will count towards the athlete’s overall points tally. more info acualemus@yahoo.com or info@lemusunderwaterschool.com
Safety plan: O2 and defribilator on the plattform , ambulance , with a hospital with the equipment for water accident emergencies
Maximum depth: 92
Main Judge: Carla HANSON
Assistant Judges: Juan Manuel VERDUZCO GOMEZ
Additional Judges: Julien BORDE

Day: 5/29/2018