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Apnea Bali Mini Comp

Start date: 29.03.2018
End date: 31.03.2018
Location: tulamben, Indonesia
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Julia MOUCE
Disciplines: CWT CNF FIM
Safety plan: Safety Plan: Counter Ballast. Sonar to monitor the diver during the dive, one person in charge of dictating depths and sending the safety divers. Emergency O2 O2 bottle with regulator. 3/4 safety divers that will dive down to 30m , 20m and 15m. (Or deeper if requested by judge) We will have a doctor or a paramedic with spinal board in a boat for emergency response. There will be a stand by ambulance with paramedic/doctor. We have a plan for the emergency response: 1.       Minor case will be treated on site. Transport from the platform by local stand by boat with doctor or paramedic on board to the ambulance located at Puri Mada Hotel.   2.       Major case (emergency life threatening condition) will be referred to the excellent medical provider such as: -          BaliMed Hospital Karangasem (nearest center of hospital) -          PENTA Medica Candidasa Clinic (if the case can be stabilized in observation room) -          Sanglah General Hospital (decompression sickness or other emergency case -          Kasih Ibu Hospital (private ward / hospitalization)   3.       We also provide medical equipments such as: -          Spinal board -          Scoop stretcher -          Emergency bag -          Vital sign set -          Ambulance -          Basket stretcher -          Portable examination bed -          Portable oxygen product -          Automatic external defibrillator -          Etc. Medic/Doctors Name:  Darwin, MD Medic/Doctors Qualification: ACLS (Advance Cardiac Life Support) Certificate holder Paramedic and Ambulance with driver. Doctors Email: putu.ardana@pentamedica.com marketing@pentamedica.comEvacuation plan: Dr in speed Boat in case of needed treatment , can treat on site. Boat ride to shore 5 minutes. Ambulance from Tulamben to first hospital facility 35 minutes. Major Hospital and Hyperbaric chamber 2 hours by ambulance. Ambulance count with suficent O2 for transportation and count with two refil stations at 35 minutes and 1 hour distance.
Maximum depth: 134
Main Judge: John WRIGHT
Assistant Judges: Trista FONTANA
Additional Judges: Not set

Day: 3/29/2018