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Busan Static Mini Comp

Start date: 27.12.2016
End date: 27.12.2016
Location: Busan, Korea, Republic of
Event Type: Pool Competition
Organizer: Keonung PARK
Disciplines: STA
Event Medic Name: Eun-Jung Kim
Event Medic Qualifications: Korean medicine
Minimum pool depth: 1.2
Maximum pool depth: 6
Main Judge: Keonung PARK
Assistant Judges: Not set
Additional Judges: Deok Ho SONG
Jaeyoung KIM

Static mini comp


Diver name Diver country Gender Card Points Penalty Points AP RP Judge remarks
Female results
Male results
Park HYOSEOK Korea, Republic of Male White 56.2 0 03:30 min 04:41 min