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Blue Ocean Freedivers Pool Comp

Start date: 11.09.2017
End date: 11.09.2017
Location: Dahab, Egypt
Event Type: Pool Competition
Disciplines: DNF DYN STA
Organizer: CatherineCrossland
Safety plan: We will have a fully equipped ER Nurse at the venue. Their will also be a fast car on standby to take any competitor to the local hyperbaric doctor who will be on standby should anything be required. The medical facility is less than a five minute drive from the house.
Minimum pool depth: 2
Maximum pool depth: 2
Main Judge: Catherine WILSON
Assistant Judges: Odaiba HUSSEIN
Additional Judges: Not set

Day: 9/11/2017


Diver name Diver country Gender Card Points Penalty Points AP RP Judge remarks
Female results
Male results
Jihoon JANG Korea, Republic of Male White 0 0 140 m 164 m National Record

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Day: 9/12/2017