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DeepSea Challenge - Carol Schrappe

World record
Start date: 20.09.2017
End date: 23.09.2017
Location: Kralendijk, Netherlands Antilles
Event Type: Worldrecord attempt
Organizer: Carolina SCHRAPPE
Event Medic Name: Lothar Schwarte
Event Medic Qualifications: Emergency Doctor
Additional info: VWT Attempt
Safety plan:  VWT SAFETY AND EVACUATION PLAN   1 General Coordinator 2 judges 1 Head Safety Coordinator 2 Experienced, advanced life support trained safety freedivers. 1 Doctor/medic on the platform. 2 Paramedics Traditional counter balance system ready to ascent the freediver 1.5 m/s. 1 Fast evacuation boat capable of making the evacuation dock in 2 minutes. 1 Fully equipped ambulance on stand by with 3 minute drive to the Hospital. 1 Hyperbaric Chamber Stand by 24 hrs. 1 High resolution sonar. Advanced CPR and ACLS elements. 2 Bottles Pure O2 100% per day. Resume: The Record Area is about 500m from shore. In case of incident the Doctor and paramedics act in situ, at the same time they contact the ambulance by radio. The ambulance could arrive the meeting point in two minutes, the procedure to carry the freediver in the fast boat until the dock is 3 min. The ambulance could bring the patient to the Hospital in around 3 minutes. The Hiperbaric Chamber is in the
Maximum depth: 140
Main Judge: Gaby CONTRERAS
Assistant Judges: Iscarleth Gil
Additional Judges: Christian FOETINGER

Day: 9/20/2017

Day: 9/21/2017

Day: 9/22/2017

Day: 9/23/2017

Day: 9/24/2017