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Grant has been freediving since he was six. He began exploring his local waters off the coast of Malibu. Over the years, he began spearfishing and extending his freediving abilities. His involvement in competitive freediving began informally in the 90s and officially in 2002. He is the current Vice President of AIDA, President of the United States Apnea Association (USAA), an AIDA Judge A Instructor, and Head of Judges for AIDA.

Grant has been diving for twenty-five years and has over 6000 dives. He is a trimix instructor trainer and PADI Course Director. He holds type ratings as an instructor for the PRISM Topaz, SM 1600, CCR 1000, PP1, MK15, MK 15.5, Mk 16, Drager Atlantis/Dolphin and Ray Rebreathers. He is a licensed USCG 100 ton Captain, an Advanced Diving Medical Technician and a DAN Examiner for all of their programs. He has a BS in marine biology from Long Beach State. He has been technical diving, as such, for over 20 years.

He has participated in and led cave diving expeditions around the world, including work in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Brazil, California and Honduras. He is the Southern California Regional Safety Officer for the National Association for Cave Diving.

He is a published author and photographer. He is a working cinematographer / videographer / director. He is an award winning director with his most recent film Sink Faze. He is also a Discovery Networks approved director and DP. He has been a participant in many of DSAT’s productions to develop media for PADI and others. He is the owner Scuba And Film Enterprises, LLC, a water safety/coordination company that facilitates water work in the entertainment community and Aquamentary, his production company.

He devotes much of his time to helping the Cambrian Foundation, a not for profit corporation, in their mission to help preserve, explore, protect and educate the world about the aquatic realm. His current exploits with the foundation include the 2000 NOAA USS Monitor Expedition, 2000 Akumal Cave Expedition, 2003 NOAA White Abalone Project, 2003 NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Deep Survey Project and the 2003 NOAA Cortez Bank Recovery Project.

No matter what mode he is diving, Grant is striving everyday to help advance the sport and share his love of the sport and its environment with the world.

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Grant W. Graves

Grant W. Graves

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