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William Trubridge 101 meters!

William Trubridge 101 metersOn the morning of Friday December 16 at Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas; William Trubridge successfully dove to 101 meters without assistance of fins or weights in a time of 4 minutes, 8 seconds. Three days before, William achieved a new world record depth of 100 meters, couple days before this record, but he was not satisfied with it. These record dives was witnessed by Aida judges; Ute Geßmann (GER) and Ben Weiss (USA).
The constant weight no-fins (CWT) record will be submitted to the record books pending the results of a mandatory drug test.

“It took me just over 2 minutes to sink to 100 meters below the sea, but the idea that I have achieved this unique depth in unassisted freediving is taking a lot longer than that to sink in. What started out as an impossibility when I first was drawn to freediving, and then started to dimly take shape as a conceivable goal, has now become a reality. I can’t express how much of an honor it is to be able to take part in freediving history, and I hope to continue to test the boundaries of how much we as unfettered human beings are able to merge with the aquatic world.”  – William Trubridge

The dive:


For the first time in Asia, the world championship 2010 in team freediving.

Every second year A.I.D.A international organizes the team world championship in freediving. The most prestigious freediving event of the year gathering the worlds best teams. This year Japan will host the event.

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Two spectacular freediving events

Ever since Roland Specker and Claude Chapuis in 1992 sought out a number of European freedivers, aiming to unite them in an association to recognize records, the competitions have been the backbone of AIDA activity. Competitions is the venue where freedivers get to meet and express their joy of being under water. In later years the sport of apnea has seen some 90 competitions every season, with an ongoing trend of growing, not in numbers, but in attendance.

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