William Trubridge 101 meters!

William Trubridge 101 metersOn the morning of Friday December 16 at Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas; William Trubridge successfully dove to 101 meters without assistance of fins or weights in a time of 4 minutes, 8 seconds. Three days before, William achieved a new world record depth of 100 meters, couple days before this record, but he was not satisfied with it. These record dives was witnessed by Aida judges; Ute Geßmann (GER) and Ben Weiss (USA).
The constant weight no-fins (CWT) record will be submitted to the record books pending the results of a mandatory drug test.

“It took me just over 2 minutes to sink to 100 meters below the sea, but the idea that I have achieved this unique depth in unassisted freediving is taking a lot longer than that to sink in. What started out as an impossibility when I first was drawn to freediving, and then started to dimly take shape as a conceivable goal, has now become a reality. I can’t express how much of an honor it is to be able to take part in freediving history, and I hope to continue to test the boundaries of how much we as unfettered human beings are able to merge with the aquatic world.”  – William Trubridge

The dive: http://www.vimeo.com/18213129