Two new world records in freediving

Herbert Nitsch (Austria) and William Trubridge (New Zealand) showed that they are in control of the depth records.

Herbert did 114 meters in the Free Immersion discipline (pull yourself down and up along a rope). Herbert moved the record two meters deeper than his old record from last year. The dive time was: 4′09″. The Austrian veteran coolly pulled down the line into his freefall, then sank to 114 meters returning with two tags for good measure, and his 29th World record. He failed at a first attempt where he turned at 102 meters.
In the ongoing competition on sunny Bahamas the FIM record was challenged also by Asian champion Ryuzo Shinomiya turning at 105 meters, and William Trubridge turning at 102 meters.
William followed up on the third day of the Suunto Vertical Blue Dive off with a 92 meters (300ft) Constant Weight without fins dive, 2 meters deeper than his old world record from 2009. Dive time: 3′45″. An amazing dive without fins – on only one breath. His dives are executed with precision, taking 7 breaststrokes down to the sink phase (where his lungs have compressed and lost their buoyancy). After a freefall down to 92 meters focusing on relaxation and equalization, he returns using 27-28 strokes.
William Winram (Canada) made an attempt for the same record but turned at 76 meters.

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