Team World championships frequently asked questions and answers

Sardinia 2014 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for 2014 AIDA Team World Championships (#1)

1. Who can enter a team for the 2014 Team WC?
– Any independent country may enter a men’s and/or women’s team (or a single mixed team); territories, states and other dependent areas may not enter a team in the competition.
2. How many teams can a country enter?
– Each country may enter one men’s team and/or one women’s team.
3. Can a country enter a mixed team (i.e. men and women combined)?
– A country that does NOT enter a men’s OR women’s team may enter a mixed team (of men and women), which competes in the men’s category. If a country enters either a men’s or women’s team, it may NOT enter a mixed team.
4. How many persons may a team contain?
­‐ A team (men’s, women’s or mixed) may consist of two or three athletes; the scores of up to three athletes may be counted towards the team’s total score.
­‐ A fourth athlete is permitted to attend, but may only replace an athlete who is required to withdraw from the competition for medical reasons (as validated by the competition doctor).
­‐ As of now, under AIDA’s Competition Rules, an individual is NOT permitted to enter as a team; if that changes, we will notify you.

1. Whom do I contact to register a team, or to register for training prior to the event?
– Roberto Mattana: athletes (at)
2. What is the deadline to register for the competition?
– 15 July
3. Whom do I contact to register for hotel?
– Giorgio Basciu: reservation (at)
4. What is the deadline to register for the hotel?
– 15 July
5. Is a deposit required for either the competition or hotel?
– Payment in full for hotel and comp fee by 15 July
6. Does the price for the competition or hotel go up if I haven’t registered by a given date?
‐ Hotel: €3/day more after 15 July
­‐ Competition: €300 per athlete from 16 July – 31 August; €350 per athlete 1-­‐15 September (by 15 July: €250 per athlete)

1. When is official training?
­‐ CWT: 18 and 19 September
­‐ STA: 23 September
‐ DYN: 25 September
2. Is there a cost for official training?
– No, the competition fee includes official training, including shuttle boat, safety divers and deco O2 during official training.
3. Is it possible to train at the competition site prior to the official training days?
– Yes, both depth and pool training are available from September 1. The cost for depth training is €290 per week, which includes shuttle boat, safety divers and deco O2. This price does not include hotel.

1. What is the price to enter the competition?
– €250 per athlete (increases as noted above for late registration)
2. What is the price per person for hotel?
– Please see Final Bid (attached) for pricing; please note that price is per person, not per room.
3. Is there a fee payable to AIDA?
– For AIDA Nationals, there is no fee due to AIDA. For all other countries (including Observer members, who don’t pay an annual member fee) there is a fee of €150 per country (this is required by AIDA’s Statutes).

1. What is the schedule for the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships?
– Please see the Final Bid (attached) for schedule; please note that, as always, weather may result in changes to the schedule.

1. Whom should I contact with questions regarding media?
– Emanuele Mannu: media&sponsor (at)
2. Whom should I contact with general questions about the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships?
– Riccardo Mura: organizer (at)


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