March Board Report

A Board meeting was held via Skype on March 17,2013.

The first order of business was the approval vote of Jonathan Sunnex as an instructor trainer. Jonny is from New Zealand and will be offering courses there and in other locations around the world. He is known for helping many divers with equalization issues and deep dive technique.

The Board voted to allow athletes from observer member or non-AIDA member countries to compete at both world championships in 2013. This is contingent upon the athlete(s) paying the required fee, and providing proof of passport from the country for which they wish to compete.

Rob and Kimmo reviewed various financial matters with Aida and the financial statements through 2012.

Rob noted that the vote for judges for the 2013 AIDA Pool World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, closes today, and the votes would be tallied shortly. Antero provided a favorable report on his visit to Belgrade, to verify a satisfactory venue and logistical arrangements, etc.

Kimmo provided information on the status of the judge database update project, including judge points and judge cards. The Board voted to approve the manufacture and distribution of an AIDA Judge packet including ID card, AIDA judge cards (i.e. white, yellow, and red cards) with the AIDA logo, and a necklet, at a cost of approximately €12.50 per judge, and in aggregate not to exceed €3500; such judge packets will be available to all active AIDA judges in the near future. Kimmo and Rob also explained the current project for the renewal and streamlining of the Judge IOP.

Antero reviewed the AIDA Competition Rules revision project. The deadline for suggestions will end in two weeks. The Technical Committee will then draft new rules, and the document will be presented to the Assembly for review.

Kimmo reviewed the status of the AIDA Strategy project. This project will be addressing current issues and make plans for the long term vision of Aida International and the sport of freediving.

The Board reviewed an inquiry from an American television network regarding the possible broadcast of an AIDA world record attempt. The Board will work with the network regarding feasibility of its request. Although large scale publicity of this kind is highly desirable; safety considerations are primary and cannot be sacrificed under any circumstances.

The Board will be meeting in April. Please contact any member with any questions or topics for the discussion.

AIDA Board