New Aida Instructor Trainers !

We are excited to announce that we have three new Aida Instructor Trainers with very impressive credentials! First up is long-time diver, volunteer, instructor, judge and judge instructor, Pim Vermeulen. Pim is from the Netherlands and instructs throughout Europe and Egypt. Pim is multi-lingual and can instruct in several languages.



Next up is Miguel Lozano. Miguel is an Aida Master Instructor and record holding diver. He is from Barcelona, Spain and is based at Apnea Canarias. He speaks Spanish and English.






And last but certainly not least ,we have World Record diver and World Champion , William Trubridge. William is a New Zealand native and instructs at the famous Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas and in Europe. He offers courses in English and Italian.



These instructors offer all levels of Aida courses from beginner to instructor and Pim also teaches judge courses.

  • Pim Vermeulen:
  • Miguel Lozano:
  • William Trubridge: