Aida Board Meeting 23 September 2012

The Aida Board met via Skype call on September 23. Many important topics were on the agenda that required attention. The first item was the proposal for Enhanced Financial Controls, which was delivered to the Assembly in June. In connection to that proposal, AIDA is seeking two to three candidates to act in an audit committee-like capacity: periodically to review AIDA financial statements and account records to help ensure that AIDA is not subject to misappropriation of funds in the future. Candidates having a degree and relevant experience in the fields of accounting and/or finance are requested to forward a short CV to: (questions may be referred to:

Jean-Pol François (Education Officer) then provided a report on a group of freedivers in China desiring to obtain AIDA Observer Member status. The Board voted to ask that the Assembly vote on this group’s request to obtain Observer status (only the AIDA Assembly may approve new members). It is exciting to see growth in this market with very large potential.

The next issue which was discussed was No Limits Sled diving. Due to a number of incidents resulting in serious injury or death in connection with No Limits world record attempts, and concerns regarding additional safeguards that may be needed for athlete safety, the Board voted to temporarily suspend for a period of one year (until 30 September 2013) AIDA International’s sanctioning of No Limits world record attempts. During this period, AIDA International, in connection with AIDA Nationals, will review incidents, procedures and other matters relating to No Limits (in addition to other work being done regarding deep and sled diving), and take additional steps relating to No Limits risk management. Please feel free to contact the AIDA Board with any input your National may have on this matter. Please note that this suspension will not limit AIDA’s work on guidelines for diver safety, including No Limits diving: many instructors and athletes use No Limits to train for other disciplines, typically at relatively shallow depths. Please also note that this suspension by AIDA International does not restrict the ability of an AIDA National to sanction, take other action on, or ban No Limits diving and record attempts in that National’s country.

Ute Gessman (Sport Officer) brought up the issue with the CARS system , competition fees, and judges’ points. She will coordinate a group (likely to include Marcello di Matteis and Panagiota Banalou) to consider a competition fee schedule, as well as judge points for small competitions, and will report back to the Board at a future meeting. Ute also provided a report on the recent 2012 AIDA Team World Championships in Nice, France, and issues that affected athletes, staff and others. AIDA will make improvements at future AIDA World Championships, and the Technical Committee will review policies and procedures to set minimum standards to be met at future World Championships. Following the subject of World Championships; the Board reviewed bids for the 2013 AIDA Pool World Championships. The Board will focus on challenges that occurred in Nice, and try to avoid their recurrence at next year’s World Championships. The Board expects to send the bids to the Assembly for vote approximately in the next 10 days.

The next agenda item was addressed by Antero Joki (Technical Officer), who provided an update on the newly constituted Technical Committee, the Judge IOP and update to the Competition Rules. The IOP will be updated first then the Technical Committee will be accepting suggestions for rules modifications.

Then Kimmo provided a report on the AIDA strategy project which encompasses the future direction of Aida and issues which need to be considered with the evolution of our sport. Kimmo also provided an update on the current drafts of the Deep Diving and Sled Diving Guideline, which is being supervised by Rik Roksen( Med/ Science Officer).

The Board reviewed a number of initiatives regarding insurance in various regions and was updated on the publicity efforts for the 2012 inaugural AIDA World Cup Circuit, and media coverage for final 2012 World Cup event, Suunto Vertical Blue. Then the discussion moved on to the final two agenda items, beginning with alternatives to Dropbox for archiving video of world record attempts (Dropbox does not support files the size of videos). Ute and Julien will look into using a YouTube or Vimeo private (i.e. archiving) account for this purpose.

Then closing the meeting; Kimmo reported that the Aida application for observer membership status in the EUF (European Underwater Federation) will be voted upon in their December meeting in Austria.

Any questions , concerns, or comments are welcome. Please contact any Board member.

On behalf of Aida Board,

Kimmo Lahtinen,
Aida president