Herbert Nitsch’s No-Limits Record Attempt

As many of you have now heard, Herbert Nitsch’s upcoming No-Limits record attempt will not be an AIDA-sanctioned event: AIDA judges will not be present, and performances will not be eligible for AIDA records.

This decision was made by the athlete, following a number of calls between the athlete and AIDA officers on several matters. AIDA intends to review this case to determine if a number of  procedures and related items may be improved upon on a go-forward basis. These include: (1) communications by the athlete and by AIDA regarding planned world record attempts, (2) clarification of the limited nature of AIDA’s and athletes’ obligations with respect to AIDA’s official depth gauge sponsor; both with the sponsor and with interested athletes, and (3) review of rules with respect to No-Limits attempts (by its nature, No-Limits is meant to be relatively unburdened by rules, other that those essential to safety and fair play, and AIDA’s rules for this discipline will be reviewed in that light).

We look forward to providing additional information on these subjects and, in the mean time, wish Herbert safety and success in his upcoming attempts.

Best regards,

Kimmo Lahtinen
Aida, president