Action to Recover Misappropriated Funds

As some of you may now have heard, the current AIDA Board has recently learned that a previous Board member may have misappropriated AIDA funds for personal purposes. AIDA has now filed a legal complaint for restitution of such funds.

As AIDA is currently involved in litigation on this matter, the AIDA Board will make only limited public announcements on it until litigation is complete. We appreciate your understanding regarding this point.

Please note that this matter relates only to past years: under the current Board (i.e. after Kimmo Lahtinen was elected President) standard processes and controls have been put in place to ensure that this type of incident cannot recur. In addition, this incident does not affect any current AIDA activities–such as AIDA education offerings, competitions and record attempts–all of which will continue normally.

Robert King

Secretary, AIDA International

On behalf of the AIDA Executive Board