April Board Meeting

The Aida International Board had a meeting via Skype conference call on April 21, 2012.

The Board voted to appoint Ute Gessmann as President of the Jury at the 2012 AIDA Team World Championships, and to appoint Robert King as Vice President of the Jury. The Board also voted to approve a request by the World Championship organizer to permit up to two alternates per team.  Petar Bojovic updated the Board on medals for the World Championships, and will work with Claude Chapuis directly to finalize medals.

The AIDA Sport Officer will send a request for bids for the 2013 world championship competitions as soon as possible; the deadline for bids will be 30 June. The Board noted that sponsor budget cycles often conclude in September of the year preceding the budget year; accordingly, advance scheduling can be critical to obtaining sponsors. Separately, the Board also noted that it intends to separate sufficiently the dates of the pool and depth competitions, so athletes wishing to attend both can do so conveniently. For all submitting bids; flexibility in dates is preferred for scheduling purposes.

In order to appoint a more active Medical and Science Officer, the Board voted to approve Rik Rosken as AIDA’s new Medical and Science Officer; Ralph Potkin will remain as a committee member. We welcome Rik to the Board and look forward to his contributions and expertise in freediving science  .

Robert notified Assembly members regarding past due annual member fees (fees for 2012 were due on 31 March 2012).  In order to stay current, please ensure that your National has paid any overdue annual member fees not later than 30 April 2012.   Payment instructions may be found on the AIDA website at:  http://www.aidainternational.org/questions-a-answers

Kimmo noted that an automated notice process regarding overdue competition fees and results has been put in place; the Board discussed having judges work with organizers to ensure that competition organizers properly register competitions, and upload results promptly. This process will aid in keeping the the ranking list current and accurate.

The Board requests all judges who have not yet done so to immediately upload their judge points to the automated judge points system; judges who have not updated their judge points will remain listed as “Inactive” until they have done so. A helpful video on registering judge points can be found here :


and judges may contact the judge responsible with questions at the following address:


The Board reviewed a new process for the initial vetting of IT candidates prior to review of such candidates by the Board for approval.  The Board approved a new vetting group to be lead by Jean-Pol François, supported by Savva Savvas and Andreas Falkenroth.  The Board also approved an accelerated instructor course for experienced instructors wishing to cross over and become AIDA Instructors; the curriculum for such accelerated course will be prepared by the EC, and candidates for this course must be approved by the AIDA Education Officer.

The Board reviewed a number of enhanced AIDA Education course offerings that will be rolled out over the next several months, which are intended to provide additional options for potential students in the AIDA education system.

Kimmo provided an update on the upcoming strategy project. Kimmo will lead  a committee with members uniquely qualified to contribute to this important project to outline the future direction of Aida.

The AIDA website will be updated shortly with single points of contacts for all inquiries relating to the following subjects: students/cert cards, instructors, judges, organizers, and ranking list inquiries. When this update is complete, a notice will be provided on the AIDA website, and inquirers will be requested to use those contacts.

Robert King , Secretary, will be contacting the Board meeting to set up a time for the May meeting.  Please contact Aida with any questions, concerns, or comments.
AIDA International Board