Aida March Board Meeting


The Aida Board met via Skype conference call on 17 March 2012. As only three Executive Board members were present for this call, the Board did not have a quorum required to vote on or approve proposals; accordingly, the Board voted on the proposal regarding Observer member teams competing at the Team World Championships by email vote after the meeting. The result of that vote is that Malaysia and Romania have been approved to participate in the competition.

The Board then discussed possible means of gathering information from IT (Instructor Trainer) candidates and how such information should be initially reviewed. Jean-Pol will present the Board with options for an enhanced process for this at the next meeting.

It was then noted that Assembly members should be reminded that payment of annual member fees by AIDA Nationals for 2012 is due not later than 31 March 2012; if your National has not yet paid 2012 fees, please do so by 31 March. Annual National fees for 2012 are 150 Euro; payment instructions can be found on the AIDA website at:

Ben Noble (Treasurer) is in the process of producing preliminary financial statements for 2011. Although he had hoped to deliver them to the Assembly in March, he is currently traveling out of country, and has committed to deliver them by 3 April.

The AIDA website will be updated shortly with single points of contacts for the inquiries relating to the following subjects: students/cert cards, instructors, judges, organizers, and ranking list inquiries. When this update is complete, a notice will be provided on the AIDA website, and inquirers will be requested to use those contacts. This will help to expedite the responses and avoid redundancy in the replies.

Ute and Carla will send out requests in the near future for bids for the 2013 individual world championship competitions (depth and pool, separately). Those wishing to host may want to start working on their bid submission. A vote will take place on the proposals as soon as possible, in order to provide the organizers adequate time to prepare and arrange sponsorship for the competitions.

The Board reviewed the 2012 AIDA World Cup Circuit; Carla Hanson will act as the AIDA officer to coordinate with the event organizers. The Board noted that this circuit in 2012 is separate from the 2012 AIDA Team World Championships. The Cup includes three competitions which are: The Med Cup in Crete, The Red Sea Cup in Egypt, and Vertical Blue in the Bahamas.

The Board discussed possible meeting times for the April meeting and Rob King (Secretary) will be contacting the Board members to coordinate the time.


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