Assembly vote results from Aida International

Antero Joki, vote counter, recently reported the results of the Assembly vote on three items. The first item was the approval of new Observer Members Malaysia and Romania which passed with no objections. We welcome these new groups and expect to see them progress to full voting status in the future.

The second item was the selection of the 2012 Anniversary logo and we are excited to announce the winner is number 1 !
Look for this emblem in future communications.

And, last but not least, we are pleased to announce the judge panel for the Team World Championships. The following individuals received the most votes;
Ute Gessmann: 9 votes
Marcello De Matteis: 8 votes
Panagiota Balanou: 7 votes
Robert King: 7 votes
Kimmo Lahtinen: 7 votes
Panos Lianos: 5 votes
Grant Graves: 4 votes
The jury president and vice-president will be determined in the near future.
Thanks to all the Assembly members who took part in this vote.

On behalf of Aida Board

Carla Hanson, Media and PR officer